CEO’s Message

Welcome to Mundipharma Malaysia


We are all about care for people and patients. Our Mundipharma story of over 60 years bring invaluable insights, experiences, and a pioneering spirit, best told through our patients, employees and communities where we serve. Our heritage and history lends good focus and core values which articulates who we are as an organisation. Today we are all about innovation, with several thousand employees serving more than four billion patients and a global distribution network. Our commitment is all about having our patients at the heart of every business decision so that we continuously grow and above all, improve the lives of the people who need our care the most.


Always consistent about maintaining high ethical standards, and best practice compliance, our patients always come first in every endeavour. Our well-established foundation has not only delivered significant results but reflects our abilities to convert entrepreneurism and innovation into business success. We are constantly focussed on the transformation of Mundipharma’s business in South East Asia with a spirit of innovation, building a presence in analgesia, respiratory, oncology, oncology supportive care and consumer healthcare.


We approach partnerships which have given us the opportunity to establish a strong market presence that covers the region’s pharmaceutical markets. We continue to grow and develop our business regionally, always recognising the fact that it is about our people, innovation and our values. With a higher purpose in mind, we strive to always improve the quality of people’s lives everywhere.


We are confident about the future as we actively pursue innovative treatments and new opportunities in order to Bring More To Life.


Suresh Pragasam
Regional General Manager, SEA, Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd